Why Traveling for Business isn't Necessarry (Anymore)

Posted by Lauren Bailey on Thu, Apr 30, 2015

Travel is a necessity for a large portion of jobs in corporate America. In 2014 there were an estimated 451.6 million business trips taken in the U.S. alone. The number rises for 2015 at a forecasted 459.2 million business trips that will take place this year. For those of you who have to travel for your job, whether it is for business meetings, for relationship building purposes, or field technicians who are sent solely for troubleshooting- do you wish you were not having to travel, or at least as much as you currently do?

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Technology and Evolving Ways of Communication

Posted by Lauren Bailey on Tue, Sep 09, 2014

Technology has changed the way that human interaction regularly takes place. It will constantly change as new ways of communicating are introduced to us. I am sitting here wondering how my everyday communication routine (I know, right?...sad) with certain people in my life would take place 20 years ago. I would maybe make a few phone calls a day on my oversized cell phone that weighed 5 pounds, and probably have a few more face-to-face conversations. But now we have the capability to instantly connect multiple people at any given point that we desire. I can keep up with friends from highschool and college that I rarely get to see or the ones that live states away. Distance is only something that disrupts in person face-to-face communication, but we are left with tons of other options.

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The Value of Non-Verbal Communication

Posted by Lauren Bailey on Mon, Aug 04, 2014

There has always been a barrier when it comes to communicating through words alone- especially for all of you visual learners of the world…(raising my hand). We can tell someone as much information as we want to, but is the information substantially being absorbed? Is it being understood the wrong way due to lack of visualization? Most likely. Ninety percent of information your brain processes is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text or words. How many times have you been taking directions from someone and you were confused about what they were explaining because you were creating an inaccurate mental picture? Probably more times than not.

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Lime App by Vipaar Relaunched

Posted by Lauren Bailey on Tue, Jul 22, 2014

A few months ago, our augmented reality mobile app, Lime, was launched to a group of private beta users. After an array of user feedback and suggestions, a new and improved version of Lime has been created and released to a larger group of beta users. This latest version comes with more reliable and stable videos, as well as a more realistic augmented reality.

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Augmented Reality Connects Surgeons in Birmingham to El Salvador

Posted by Richard Baugh on Fri, Jan 24, 2014

People often wonder when we will have modern technology capable of giving doctors the chance to interact and aid underprivileged people in developing countries.  With the help of augmented reality that day has arrived.  Surgeons with the Global Smile Foundation preformed an amazing international surgery this week with the aid of augmented reality and Google Glass.  This cutting edge technology allowed a surgeon in Birmingham, Alabama to collaborate with surgeons in El Salvador to correct an infant patient's lip defect.  The instant connection allowed Dr. Raj Vyas to virtually interact and assist surgeons with the Global Smile Foundation in the operating room in El Salvador, in real time.

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Comparison: Collaboration vs Face-To-Face Video for Remote Support

Posted by Matt May on Mon, Nov 04, 2013

I’m often presented with the question: how do virtual interaction and annotation compare to face-to-face video chat for remote support? This is an important question, and so I’ll try to paint a clear picture of how the two are similar, as well as different.

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