Augmented Reality (Lime) in Education

Posted by Lauren Bailey on Fri, May 15, 2015

Since the discovery of Lime by a group of teachers in the state of Texas, they have become some of our biggest advocates. These educators have helped us understand the importance of new and improved educational technology, and introduced us to a large group of teachers who are thirsty for better ways to enhance the learning environments in their classrooms.  We are starting to see the impact Lime could have in educational institutions across the globe. The specific teachers that have been using it thus far are mainly working with k-6 kids. Things like grammar, punctuation correction, and math problems are some of the key ways they have been using Lime. They have also seen future uses for Lime for things like peer classwork revisions and distance learning from experts.


Our team had the opportunity to conference with these teachers at their #r10tech conference (via a Lime call of course) and demonstrate Lime, as well as answer questions and hear constructive comments. We left the call excited about the future we have helping improve the way others teach and learn.

The eLearning (electronic learning) following is huge, and bigger and better technologies are being sought out. Augmented reality is starting to be recognized in the educational world and we hope Lime will be one of the best augmented reality applications brought to the market.

We cannot wait to continue sharing the ways in which Lime is entering the educational world.

Stay tuned!

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