Growing Your Lime Network

Posted by Lauren Bailey on Thu, Feb 05, 2015

The single most important feature to Lime is the ability to create a network. We created Lime to connect friends, family, colleagues...and maybe people who are meeting for the first time. In order to do this, users need to create and grow their network base. Think about when you use a social media outlet, like Facebook or Twitter. It would be completely useless without connecting and engaging with others. Your sole purpose for those sites are to connect with other people, and the same goes for Lime. We want all of our users to take full advantage of our technology and grow their network to share this with as many others as possible.


Think back to when you got your first cell phone. When you got the phone, you might have had one or two numbers at first, making the phone not as useful as it could be. As your contact list grew you added more people that you could connect to making the phone more and more useful to you. Lime is a tool to share information and knowledge- the more you share, the more you can have shared with you.

Lime is almost useless to users if they have no network created. The more you grow your base of people, the more people there are to help you with a variety of different situations and vise versa. Whether for business or personal use, a growing network is going to help you get the most out of your Lime experience.

Think of the shared knowledge. What do you know that you can share with others? What information or expertise do others have that would be helpful to you? The amount is endless. With the Internet, we can seek out any information we would like to learn. We turn to search engines and YouTube videos to learn and teach ourselves things that we might not know. But now people (even at a distance) can become one of these powerful resources. With every person you add to your network, you are constantly increasing the amount of knowledge that is available to you at just the touch of a button. By growing your Lime network, you are given the opportunity to accomplish so much more.

Happy Helping!

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