Benefits of Collaborative Video in Education

Posted by Lauren Bailey on Thu, Dec 18, 2014

Educators will always be looking for new tools to enhance their students’ learning experience. Technology has created advanced visual teaching tools that have changed the way the world’s visual and kinesthetic learners are educated. With these types of learners comprising 70% of the population, it is important for these tools to constantly be updated and advancing forward. Collaborative learning through video conferencing is a great tool for not only teaching students, but truly engaging them.

Video Conferencing in the classroom, educational video chat

Using interactive video conferencing creates new facets of learning for students. Interactive video creates an opportunity for students to get out of their everyday learning environment and experience remote places or even foreign cultures without ever leaving their desk. They can connect with a classroom across the world in China, or take an interactive tour of an historic landmark. It also offers a different and unique form of engagement, because students can interact by actually connecting to visual content. Access to video also helps students develop their problem solving skills, and truly focuses on interactive and collaborative dialogue.

Schools all across the world have been using video conferencing tools for the past few years, but what are the next steps to advance the tools already being used? Make it even more collaborative.

Lime was created to make video chat even more interactive and collaborative than when it was first introduced. With Lime, you can now teach from anywhere in the world with your hands in the picture or learning environment- which allows for more precision and clarity when teaching and communicating concepts. Try it for yourself and don’t miss out on this groundbreaking educational tool.

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