The Growing Demand for Field Service Software

Posted by Lauren Bailey on Wed, Nov 05, 2014

When it comes to the field service industry, there are many methods, practices, and softwares that can be used to improve the service process as well as management.

According to Software Advice, a company that researches field service solutions, their Service Buyers Trends Report reveals some key findings that are proving how shockingly outdated practices are still being used, even with the technology that is being offered today. The report also gives insight into what current software buyers are looking for.

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According to the study 54% of buyers are using paper, whiteboards, and Microsoft Excel to manage all of their field service needs and technicians. These practices are ancient, especially when companies are managing scheduling, dispatching, work order history and multiple other components. Companies need to recognize that there are so many options for them that could greatly increase organization and efficiency.

Quality and cost efficiency are especially important to the field service industry. Sending the right technician for the job in a timely manner to allow for other field visits. Increasing the quality and cost efficiency are huge to a company’s success. If you have a small number of technicians or engineers, you are especially limited to the amount of visits you can make each day due to travel time. With 57% of service calls in 2013 requiring a field visit, having a faster way to solve a problem is vital.

One of the top-requested field service software functionalities of buyers was being able to track routing and dispatching. But what if I told you that we have created a solution that would completely dissolve your need to track those things altogether? That also will take away the inconvenient, time consuming “appointment window” for your customers (80% of which demand for improved speed and efficiency), and greatly increase the amount of service appointments you could fill each day?

We have created a mobile app that could totally eliminate the time and money loss involved with travel for technicians, saving companies money and allowing time for more service opportunities on a daily basis. Lime allows techs to be in any environment for assistance, anywhere in the world- immediately. If you have not educated yourself on the benefits of Lime, please read more about our product that could revolutionize the industry. There is a constant growing demand of field service solutions, and Lime addresses the needs of current buyers.

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