It's Hip to Be Reality (Virtual Reality, Cinematic Reality, Merged Reality)

Posted by Drew Deaton on Fri, Oct 31, 2014

The ways to interact using technology are exploding. You can email, or message if it's ok to wait a few minutes.  If you are in real-time you can talk, use Google Hangouts, or use video to communicate. The options for virtual reality, cinematic reality, and merged reality are exploding as well. Oculus Rift, Samsung, Magic Leap, and multiple others are moving virtual reality into the mainstream.

We couldn't be more excited with where the industry and consumers are showing interest. No matter what type of reality: virtual, cinematic, or merged, we know those technologies are bringing the world closer together and helping solve the biggest problems of today- disease, education, and conservation more quickly as a globally connected world.

Get started with your favorite reality tool: Samsung Gear VR, Rift DK2 (Hat Tip to Oculus with these) or download the Lime App.  Try one today.

Tags: google, Virtual Reailty, technology, cinematic reality


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