Apple's Influence on Technology

Posted by Aaron Brennan on Fri, Sep 12, 2014

We all know that Apple’s huge influence not only in the technology world, but in millions of consumer’s lives is undeniable. Apple has paved the way for what to “do right” in the tech world to please consumers wants and needs. They know that with advanced technology, there will be a large population of consumers that don’t know how to use it.

One of the amazing things that Apple did was create an atmosphere for help! We all know that technology isn’t everyone’s friend. Apple did an amazing thing creating a place to go and get help. The Genius Bar! Here you can go for all your Apple questions when something is broken or you don’t understand how to use it.  Apple realized that there was a need for someone to be there to help. The Genius Bar creates an outlet to teach, help and minimize frustration for its customers, and to also familiarize consumers with Apple products.

With new technology comes a learning curve, and with the learning curve there will be a need for help. This week was a huge one for Apple, launching the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and the iWatch. With something as new and complex as the iWatch, there are going to be numerous questions raised. The Genius Bar will be there to help!

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