Future of the Mobile Workforce

Posted by Lauren Bailey on Wed, Aug 13, 2014

Technology is constantly changing and evolving the working world. One in five Americans work from home without even stepping into an office, and that number is expected to increase by 64 percent in the next in the next five years. Crazy right? Over 32 percent of these people globally can work remotely with only mobile devices, and actually rely on them more than any other tool. No office, no computer and no need to even leave their home. Work doesn’t always have to take place in a cubicle, it can happen anywhere. The working environment that has been viewed as the “norm” for years is changing as mobile is becoming a new reality.

Ninety eight percent of small businesses today use wireless technology as part of their normal operations, and two thirds of those businesses say they could not survive without it. These devices have quickly become a necessity. Not only small, but extremely large-scale companies have made mobile devices a huge part of their work environment. Google, for example, is an advocate for mobile device use within their company. Each employee is given a work phone in which they can do all of their work from when on the go, and they are also given the option to use a tablet. The amount of desk phones you will see in the office are few and far between. The philosophy that they’ve adopted is to be able to be able to stay just as productive outside of the office as you would be in it. Google Drive was created so that people could access files by simply having an internet connection anywhere in the world. No desktop with certain software and files saved was needed. They recognized that mobile is constantly growing, and there was a need to be met.

That is the same philosophy we have here at Vipaar. We know how mobile the working world is becoming, and we are adapting ourselves.

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